images (2)  Just as is true in nearly every big city on the planet, Amsterdam has an abundance of “escort” services that help lonely clients meet partners for a bit of short term fun at a predetermined price. One difference here is that sinceprostitution itself is completely legal, the escort agencies here are also completely legal and they don’t have



to pretend to offer just “companionship” or sd“nude.


modeling” or anything else so unsubtle. The entire Amsterdam XXXscene is very out in the open and relatively safe as well.

Here you’ll call an agency or contact them through their website, and assuming everything goes well you’ll have the woman (or man, actually) of your short-term dreams on their way to your hotel or apartment, or at the very least you’ll have an appointment set up for sometime soon.


images (3)One thing to start with upfront, escorts in Amsterdam are among the most expensive ways to get laid for a fee in this city, but of course there is something to be said for the privacy and discretion possible when you don’t even have to leave your own hotel room. Many of the women are quite lovely, and some of the agencies they work for offer very reasonable prices. You might start off by checking out Amsterdamlogue’s 12 hottest escorts in Amsterdam, but just to give you more information, there are three other ways to buy some quality time with Amsterdam’s famous hookers, so we’ll give you a short introduction to those now before we discuss the escort scene in detail.